If I told you I was going to try to enforce some standards on the internet, you might say that sounds remarkably like attempting to herd cats.  Cats with white Impact-font captions, even.  That’s why

This not about policing the internet from a place of top-down authority


the goal here is to attribute ethically, regardless of how you do it

according to the “Why Attribute?” section at The Curator’s Code.  No, that’s not a thriller novel about freemasons hiding secret messages in our animated GIFs.  (…yet.  Race you to the copyright office!)  It’s a simple, straightforward way of attributing not just the source but the thread of discovery using ᔥ (for “Via” in cases where you are directly reposting a thing) and ↬ (for “Hat Tip” in cases where your headwear is literally doffed you elaborate or add something to the topic and would prefer to nod at where it came from).

Why do I like it?  Because:

  1. It’s got that whole “academic integrity” thing going on, instead of having that whole “we are parrots in cyberspace blindly repeating or copy/pasting things” thing going on,
  2. Their site has tasteful graphic design and I am an unabashed sucker for slab serif fonts,
  3. The same news stories tend to come at me from fifteen directions in a day (“Hey did you read that—” “No, I haven’t seen that because I don’t have an omnipotent robot in my pocket oh wait I do it’s called an iPhone and yes that was on Mashable like fifty minutes ago.”), and finally
  4. because quote trolling is a valid artform and also one of the best ways to enrage fans of any major entertainment franchise in existence.  But it should be recognizable from at least twenty yards away by reasonable humans.

So I’m going to try to adopt it where possible.  That said, in a moment of some of the most heavy-handed irony I have yet experienced this weekend, I actually have no idea where found out about the Curator’s Code.  At the time of this writing, I have about seven squillion tabs open and not a trace of the conceptual path that lead me there.  So, off to a great start!  The next post will be written with my right hand as I facepalm with my left.

The Curator’s Code.